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Natural & Mathematical Sciences

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Dr. Sherry Painter

Division Chair

Dr. Sherry Painter


The Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences is committed to produce graduates capable of excelling in professional and graduate schools, as well as in a wide range of available occupations including research and teaching, practicing in medical and allied health science fields, engineering, and computer and mathematical sciences.

The Division’s primary goal is to prepare students for professional work and research in scientific fields and to provide experiences that will enable them to develop qualifications for entrance to professional and graduate schools. To accomplish this goal, the Division strives to produce students with competencies in their major fields including quantitative, analytical, and computer skills.

The Division offers majors leading to the B.S. degree in biology, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics. In collaboration with the Division of Education this Division also provides opportunities for certification to teach biology, chemistry, and mathematics to students at secondary (7-12 grades) school levels. The Division also offers two special majors, General Science and General Mathematics, specifically designed for students who plan to teach at the middle school (5-8 grades) level. These two majors also lead to a degree of Bachelor of Science with certification in their respective fields.

The Division also offers pre-requisite classes needed for those planning to apply to professional school (i.e. Nursing, Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy, etc.).

The faculty members of the Division are highly qualified. About eighty-five percent (85%) of the faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees with several years of teaching experience in their respective fields. Each student of the Division is assigned to an academic advisor to make sure students take courses in the right sequence and take advantage of the opportunities available here at LeMoyne-Owen College and nationwide. All students have an opportunity to earn and learn during the summer months. During the academic year, students may work as peer tutors and have the opportunity to help their peers in their academic preparation and receive a stipend for their efforts.

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