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LeMoyne-Owen College Chaplain

Rev. Dr. Michael L. W. Moore

Chapel/Assembly Programs – Chapel/Assembly programs held throughout each semester include inspirational services, interactive experiences or presentations that serve to highlight scholarship, research, community involvement, cultural awareness and diversity, academic life, student activities, spiritual development, world events, and other issues relevant to student life. Currently, virtual chapel messages are made available to students monthly as a method to promote academic success, community inspiration, morale enhancement, and school spirit. 

Bible Study– A monthly spiritual enhancement opportunity for students, faculty, and staff.  Participants are exposed to lessons that promote critical thinking, healthy interpersonal relationships, problem solving, and a healthy spiritual life.  Bible study is an interactive virtual experience that is made available to the entire campus and community on the 1st Mondays of each month.  

Motivational Minute – a weekly virtual empowerment experience, designed to encourage and motivate students throughout the week.  Motivational Videos help to foster academic achievement, leadership development, and spiritual growth.

LOC Chaplain

Dr. Michael L. W. Moore, D.Min.


(901) 730-6784