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LOC Cares

LOC Cares Emergency Aid Information: 

The LOC Cares Emergency Aid Program offers assistance in two phases. 

Phase I (ends March 2022): 

  • Address the personal needs of students, faculty, and staff who have experienced an array of documentable adverse issues which directly interfere with the academic and professional success of the individual 
  • Support training for faculty/staff to: 
    • identify students in mental distress 
    • identify the proper college resources to assist students and offer appropriate behavioral interventions  
  • provide referral resources for students to community agencies when the behavioral need is beyond the scope of the College’s counseling staff 
  • Enhance student engagement 

Phase II  

  • Improve student career readiness through student support services 

Emergency Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How do I apply for emergency funds? 
  •  How much emergency financial assistance can an applicant (faculty, staff, or student) apply for during Phase I of this program? 
    • Eligible applicants can apply for a maximum of $1000 during Phase I of the program 
  • Will the applicant be automatically approved for the maximum amount of aid? 
    • Determination of how much an applicant receives will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 
  • What makes an applicant eligible for the LOC Cares Emergency Aid Program? 
    • Student applicants must be enrolled as a part/full-time student in an associate or bachelor’s degree program at the time of application submission and approval 
    • Faculty/Staff applicants must be a part/full-time employee of the College at the time of application submission and approval 
  • Can I apply more than once for emergency assistance? 
    • Yes, however, you can only receive a maximum of $1000 over Phase I of the program 
  • What are some examples of unforeseen events (this is not a comprehensive list)? 
    • automotive repair estimate 
    • short-term housing insecurity 
    • past due rent/mortgage 
    • utility bill cutoff notice 
    • medical/dental/pharmacy bill not covered by insurance or prescription plan 
    • Delinquent and/or unforeseen increase in childcare expenses 
    • Food insecurity 
  • What forms do I need to upload as supporting documentation? 
    • Copy of the bill/invoice with your name listed 
    • W-9 from the company/third party entity 
  • Why do I have to provide documentation to support my request for financial assistance? 
    • All applications must have supporting documentation to substantiate financial need and to be reviewed by the committee. Funds will not be distributed directly to the applicant but will be paid to the company/third party by the College.  
  • If approved for emergency funds, will I have to pay the money back? 
    • Applicants are not required to pay back any funds received from the LOC Cares Emergency Aid Program. 
  • What does the LOC Cares Emergency Aid Program NOT Cover? 
    • School expenses (fines, tuition, books, supplies, lab fees, required tools/equipment, etc.) 
    • Delinquent school balances 
    • Graduation fees 
    • Cable only bills 
    • Cell phone bills 
    • Credit Card Bills 
    • Transportation cards (i.e., Uber, Lyft, Bus cards, etc.) 
    • Bills/Invoices not in the applicant’s name 
  • Will I be able to apply for emergency financial assistance during Phase II of this program? 
    • Phase II of this program will focus on preparing students to enter the workforce and will not offer emergency financial assistance. Students will benefit from programming and support services throughout the academic year. 


NOTE: Request for emergency assistance will not be reviewed without a completed application and supporting documentation. Funds will not be released directly to the applicant.