Majors & Minors

Majors & Minors

Majors consist of 10 to 21 courses with a total of 30 to 74 credit hours. Most course work in a major will fall within a single area of study but supporting courses from related areas, termed cognate courses, may also be required. Three interdisciplinary majors in Humanities, Social Science and Criminal Justice each require substantial work in several areas. A minor in any of 19 areas of study may be earned by completing 15-30 hours of work in that and related areas. The twenty-one majors, the degree earned, and the 19 minors offered at LeMoyne-Owen College are:


  • Art, major (B.A.) and minor
  • Biology, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Business Administration, major (B.B.A.) and minor
  • Chemistry, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Child Development and Family Studies major (B.S.)
  • Computer Science, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Criminal Justice, interdisciplinary major (B.A.)
  • English, major (B.A.) and minor
  • History, major (B.A.) and minor
  • Humanities, interdisciplinary major (B.A.)
  • Information Technology, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Mathematics, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Music, major (B.A.) and minor
  • Political Science, major (B.A.) and minor
  • Social Science, interdisciplinary major (B.A.)
  • Social Work, major (B.S.)
  • Sociology, major (B.A.) and minor
  • Special Education, major (B.S.)
  • Teacher Education English/Language Arts, major (B.A.)
  • Teacher Education General Mathematics, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Teacher Education General Science, major (B.S.) and minor
  • Teacher Education Social Studies, interdisciplinary major (B.S.) minor
  • Urban Leadership and Social Justice, major (B.A.)


  • African and African American Studies
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Public Health