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Academic Calendar

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Academic Catalog

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To Request a Transcript

To order your LeMoyne-Owen College academic transcript, click here. 

Continuing Students Registration

To register for courses, you must have completed a previous major term, fall or spring and may register or add a class during the period as indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Continuing students may login to My LOC to register, After logging in to “Academics Page”.  Step by step instructions are on the My LOC Academics page as “Online Registration Instructions” Example:  to register for fall 2020, you must have been enrolled for spring 2020; it does not matter if you were not enrolled for Summer 2020. If you skipped a major term, please complete an application for readmission here

New Student Registration

New students must attend an orientation session prior to the student’s first semester. During this session, new students are directed to an academic advisor for assistance in registering for classes. To schedule New Student Orientation, please contact the Admissions Office,

Drop a Class(es)

Students may drop classes from the class schedule for the current term during the time period as indicated on the Academic Calendar. A dropped class is completely removed from the schedule. To drop a class for the term, login to My LOC and navigate to the Academics page.

Withdrawing from Classes

After the drop period has ended, students may withdraw from one or more, or all classes for the current term, and will receive a final grade of “WD” on the academic transcript; the withdrawal period is indicated on the Academic Calendar. Withdrawing from classes may affect any financial aid award, and students may owe a balance if withdrawing from classes. It is recommended that students contact the Financial Aid Office/Counselor before withdrawing from classes. To withdraw from a class(es), login to My LOC and navigate to the Academics page.

Authorization for Release of Educational Records

Prior written consent is required for the University to disclose information from a student’s education record to third parties (outside of the allowable methods under FERPA). For convenience, a copy of an Authorization for Release of Educational Records can be found here.

Veteran’s Certification

Veteran’s Educational Benefits are maintained in the Veterans Affairs Office, which is currently housed in the Office of Student Records. The designated “certifying official” of the College cooperates with the Veterans Administration in providing educational opportunities for veterans and eligible persons under the appropriate laws. The office is responsible for maintaining veterans’ needs related to educational benefits, providing information for counseling and tutorial assistance to eligible persons on campus. Upon accepting veterans’ educational assistance, the student assumes responsibility for all rules and regulations of the Veterans Administration.

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Registrar’s Office that registration has occurred for the semester or future semester. Please click here for additional information.

Degree Verification

LeMoyne-Owen College participates in the Degree Verify service through the National Student Clearinghouse. This is this quickest method to obtain degree verification.  You may also email

Class Schedule Search

Please click HERE to search for classes for the current or future term.

Enrollment Status and Class Level

Class Level


A student who has earned from 1 to 27 credit hours


A student who has earned 28-61 credit hours      


A student who has earned 62-95 credit hours


A student who has earned 96 hours or more


Enrollment Status


Enrolled in 12 or more credit hours for the semester


Enrolled in 6 – 11.99 credit hours for the semester

Less than half-time:

Enrolled in less than 6 hours for the semester

Course Transfer Evaluations

Transfer applicants may transfer appropriate courses from regionally accredited institutions to LeMoyne-Owen College if the grade received was “C” or better. However, to receive transfer credit, official transcripts from the previous institution(s) must be received before a student begins classes. Credits that are more than ten years old will be reviewed to determine if they are transferable. Students will not be awarded credit for coursework not at the college level or that is not appropriate to the curriculum at the College. All transfer evaluations are subject to final approval by the Office of the Registrar.

Transfer equivalencies have been built for Colleges and Universities from which transcripts are received on a regular basis. You may to search for a specific College or University or click the search button to retrieve all schools for which equivalencies have been assigned; please click here.

Privacy Act/FERPA

LeMoyne-Owen College complies fully and fairly with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended.  Commonly referred to as the Buckley Amendment, it provides, among other things, that eligible students have the following rights:

  • To inspect and review their educational records
  • To challenge the content of their educational records if they believe that it is inaccurate or misleading
  • To consent to the disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s educational records, except to the extent that FERPA authorized disclosure without consent
  • To file with the United States Department of Education a complaint of alleged failure by the institution to comply with the Act
  • To obtain a copy of the College’s student record policy.

The Act obliges the College to inform students of their rights and to establish policies and procedures through which their rights can be exercised.  The registrar is responsible for policy administration under FERPA.  Inquiries should be addressed to the Office of Student Records in Brownlee Hall,


The commencement ceremony for the academic year is held at the end of the spring semester.